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CATCH Healthy Habits


Help Change the Lives of Children in Your Community!

Become a CATCH Healthy Habits Volunteer Today

Work with children to help them develop healthier life habits and make positive changes in your life too! CATCH Healthy Habits is a unique intergenerational physical activity and nutrition program that teams volunteers age 50+ and kids in grades K-5. We are seeking volunteers for Summer & After School Programs at locations throughout the Denver Metro area.

Current Volunteer Opportunities

Direct Service Volunteers- Volunteers must be 50+ and they will work on teams of 3 or 4 to help facilitate weekly, one hour CATCH sessions, for typically 8 weeks. Ability to engage in games in not required. Duties would include responsibility for the snack portion of the program, teaching a game, or leading a nutrition lesson. Training is provided.

Capacity Building Volunteers:  Volunteers can be any age and they will work to collaboratively support the efforts of the local coordinator while contributing their own individual creative and unique skills to help aid in the growth and development of CATCH Healthy Habits throughout the Denver Metro area. Training is provided for all of the following roles:

  • Administrative Support- support the local coordinator in the office with clerical needs including but not limited to; database entry, volunteer correspondence, recording volunteer hours, copying, filing and more!
  • Recruitment and Training Support- support the local coordinator by providing and conducting initial and on-going volunteer trainings.  Help the coordinator develop continued education trainings for current volunteers. Occasionally table volunteer recruiting events or speak at various senior oriented locations about opportunities with the CATCH Healthy Habits program.
  • Community Partnership Support- Help get the word out about CATCH Healthy Habits to local organizations. Support the local coordinator in efforts to locate potential volunteer recruiting opportunities as well as partnerships with organizations interested in bringing CATCH to their sites!
  • Volunteer Activities Coordinator-  support the local coordinator by helping plan volunteer appreciation events, sending birthday cards out to active volunteers, and helping to creatively find ways for community and socialization opportunities among Denver’s fantastic group of CATCH Healthy Habits Volunteers!


Leslie Moser

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More Detailed Information about CATCH Healthy Habits

CATCH stands for Coordinated Approach to Child Health and is an intergenerational, evidence based program designed to promote activity and healthy food choices among both the volunteers and the children they serve.

By teaching children that eating healthy and being physically active every day can be fun, CATCH has proven that establishing healthy habits in childhood can promote behavior changes that last a lifetime!

Sessions are taught by teams of 3 or 4 volunteers, age 50+. To ensure the ongoing success of our programming, we use an evidence based curriculum and thoroughly train all of our volunteers. In addition to the initial training, we also provide ongoing support in the form of social events for volunteers as well as continued booster trainings to help continue to develop skills in working with children! Sessions with children in grades K-5 usually last for 8 weeks. Each weekly session is one hour long and includes a nutrition lesson, a healthy snack, and 30minutes of fun vigorous physical games and activities.

Please check out the links along the sides of this page to learn more about obesity in the USA, to meet our volunteers, and to watch a video of a CATCH session in action!



Meet Some Volunteers
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