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Care Management

(303) 235-6923 (Denver Metro Area)
(303) 674-2843 (Evergreen)

Monday - Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Seniors' Resource Center's Care Management Services provides community education, emergency financial assistance when available, information and referral services, care management, Friendly Visitors and supportive counseling to hundreds of seniors. Professional Care Managers can assess simple situations over the telephone, make a home visit when the needs are more complex, answer questions about many subjects and/or direct people to appropriate resources.

Care Managers are often asked to intervene by clients or their families when a senior's level of functioning has deteriorated. They will evaluate the amount of support available to the client and develop a care plan that will meet the needs of both the client and their family. Through services, advocacy and resource development, care managers help families achieve the highest quality of life possible.

For those age 60 and over that qualify, some services may be available free of charge. Private pay Care Management is $80.00 per hour.

Do You Know of a Senior Who Has Been Victimized?

SRC can help.

Older adult victim assistance services are available through the care management department. SRC has funding to serve older adult victims of neglect, fraud, domestic violence, and other crimes in the following counties:

  • Denver; age 50+

  • Gilpin, age 60+

  • Jefferson, age 60+

Senior victims of abuse, neglect, fraud and other crimes often do not readily reach out for help in the community. This can be due to several factors including: the perpetrator has been in a position of trust and the elderly victim has complex feelings about turning in the person, the crime was done by a family member, neighbor or friend and the elderly victim relies on this person for such necessities as grocery shopping, help with household chores, a ride to the doctor, and other activities, and therefore has mixed feelings about pursuing justice. SRC sees these problems when working with victims of crime and this problem is commonplace among seniors.  The senior may be suffering from impaired physical and/or cognitive functioning and is embarrassed by having fallen prey to such a fraud or other crime. Our supportive services help put the client at ease, and our streamlined approach builds more confidence in the senior clients. Call the care management intake line at 303-235-6923 for information. 


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