Developmental Disabilities

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The Starr Center

The Starr Center is a place where adults 18+ with intellectual and developmental disabilities come to enrich their lives and keep growing. Our adult day program focuses on each person’s continuous learning, with support and guidance from our caring and knowledgeable staff. At Starr Center, people are in charge of their own lives. Our team supports each person’s growth with respect, dignity, and safety. We focus on continuous learning in a caring, supportive and engaging environment.

Our programming offers caregivers & families the opportunity for weekday respite. We work hard to ensure that caregivers & families can rest assured that their loved ones are being well cared for while they are away. The center is a family-based program. Families have direct contact with staff and loved ones are only a phone call away. Families and caregivers work closely with staff to celebrate milestones, accomplishments and address concerns.


Person-Centered Services

The center provides social and behavioral skills training for adults with a wide variety of skills, interests, supports and needs. We provide person-centered services, which allows us customize services based on each person’s goals, needs and interests.  Person-centered planning empowers individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.  It focuses on the person and their needs by putting them in charge of defining the direction for their lives, instead of putting the focus on the systems that may or may not be available to them.

It can be a challenge to learn life skills and expand independence in basic areas of life. The Starr Center works with people to develop the goals and skills they want to work on, and then provides planning specific for that person. With individualized training, care, support, and safety, everyone has the opportunity to reach their goals while at Starr Center.

Our members enjoy a blend of facility-based & community-based activities. Monday through Thursday, our members may choose to participate in a full day of our Elevate programming or may choose to attend the Unite outing of the day. Occasionally, and on every Friday, all members attend the Unite outing. 

Our Unite Program

Our Unite Program runs Monday – Friday. This is the program that gets people out into their communities. We begin every day in the morning, at our facility, where people can choose to participate in our Unite Programming or our Elevate programming for the day. Our Unite Program is out in the community for about four hours every day, before we come back to the facility to end our day. We attend events, visit local businesses, explore recreational activities, and learn how to access our community resources. Our programs are geared to help people learn necessary skills, like using transportation and practicing community safety skills.

Our Elevate Program

Our Elevate Program runs Monday-Thursday. We begin every day in the morning, at our facility. We go to nearby places within walking distance, like parks or stores. We have several activities throughout the day that are designed to empower and teach. We work in a variety of areas, such as social skill building, a wide range of recreational activities, training in ADLs, nutritional programming, etc.


Service Provider Certifications

The Starr Center is certified by the Colorado Department of Public Health and accepts people on Medicaid HCBS (Home & Community Based Services) Waivers: EBD (Elderly, Blind, Disabled), SLS (Supported Living Services) & DD (Developmental Disabilies). We also accept private pay clients.

The Starr Center is also certified by the Division for Developmental Disabilities (DDD) as a program approved service agency.

We accept enrollment from the local Community Center Boards: Developmental Disabilities Resource Center (DDRC), Rocky Mountain Human Services (RMHS), and North Metro Community Services.


Other commonly asked questions

Can the center provide transportation to the facility?
Although our transportation department is currently not accepting new riders, we can provide referrals for other transportation that accepts Medicaid.

What experience does the staff have working with individuals with DD, behavioral or medical issues?
Our staff have training to work with people with a variety of needs and abilities. Our team is trained to provide customized services, which often includes direction from families, caregivers and doctors. Not only are our staff trained on a variety of intellectual and developmental disabilities, but are trained to assist each person individually.

How soon could we start services?
We ask that you schedule a tour to see the facility and meet the people you’d be working with. After a tour, if you decide to choose Starr Center, we will set up an intake meeting to complete the necessary paperwork to begin services. Typically the time between the tour date and start date is about one-two weeks.


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