Everyone ages.  That’s not exactly news.  However, the impact is not just in terms of multiple generationshow each of us individually must face Father Time.  Right here, right now, and in the near future, no matter what your age, the aging population around you is growing across the United States.

Want to know how it will look around Colorado?  Check out this graphic from DRCOG:

Watching the lovely bubbles floating ever higher is a very clear way to see that we as a community are facing big changes.  Millions of people already take care of aging loved ones and this is only going to increase.  When asked, the vast majority of people also say that they want to age at home.  How do we as individuals and as a society make that possible?  The alternatives are not just unappealing, but also expensive – for everyone.

This graphic is also a strong support for our mission here at Seniors’ Resource Center.  Our headquarters are located in the county that currently has the largest over-60 population and will continue to do so for decades.  The need for what we do – helping people age at home as long as possible – is only growing.  We take reminders like this one from DRCOG to heart.  It’s what we do and what we must continue to do for the foreseeable future.

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