For most older adults, staying at home as long IHCS Client and PCP 2as possible is the ideal. Aging at home means having access to what is important to you and living in the manner that suits you. Through Seniors’ Resource Center’s (SRC) In Home Care program, Louise F is one of the many older adults in our community who have been able to continue to live in their own homes.

Everyone needs help some time

Louise always strived to work hard and help other people. At a young age, Louise cared for six children by herself, while she also worked as a nurse. The experience she gained taking care of her children transferred to her job. She cared for many patients and made sure they had everything they needed. “I got a job taking care of a blind woman,” Louise recalls. Taking care of a blind woman called for a lot, but it also showed her that depending on help was okay.

When Louise was older, she moved to Denver. She once received information about SRC’s services, and though she didn’t need help at the time, she remembered the information. A few years later, she had medical issues and realized she needed help, Louise turned to SRC. “What I could do in an hour, now takes all day. You young people, let me tell you something, it’s a job getting older. You have to adapt.”

“I went with my mom as a child, and saw these widows,” Louise recalled. “I remember looking at the dust, and everything that needed to be cleaned. Here I am now, and everything needs to be cleaned.” In Home Care has helped her maintain her house. “They come in, change my sheets and clean my floors.”

Independence, trust & connection

Louise appreciates the fact she can trust SRC to care for her home. “You trust them, and know what they do.” She especially appreciates the SRC staff person, also named Louise, who comes in to help her. “We give each other hugs. She’s a lovely, lovely lady. She’s always doing something special for me.” They have formed a special bond, talking to each other about their lives.

With SRC’s help, Louise has been able to maintain her independence and her identity.  She keeps a large book collection. “I love to read,” said Louise, particularly suspense novels and anything historical. Louise also reads poetry and “those poems taught me so much about life.” Hobbies like reading, playing games and collecting quarters help keep Louise sharp. Being able to stay in her own home allows her to access and share all the things important to her, maintaining the dignity everyone needs.

Louise is so grateful to SRC for helping her stay at home. If she couldn’t live in her home anymore, “It would be terrible,” she said. “I don’t know what I would do without In Home Care. Thank goodness for SRC. I am so pleased.”

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