By: Asa Fix, Marketing and Public Relations Intern

Becky Ardoin

Becky Ardoin

Becky Ardoin, SRC’s Transportation Operations Coordinator, broke her neck when she was 14-years old. It was thought she would not be able to walk again. So, she learned early how important it is to have good support in her life.

“I’ve always liked being around older people “They have an endless supply of stories and insights on everything. Being around seniors is a passion of mine.”

Now celebrating her 16th year at SRC, Becky has been working in specialized transportation since 1982. She loves everything about it; and, is committed to make a difference in people’s lives through her work as the Operations Coordinator. It can get pretty tough at times, though. She is in charge of the direct operations; staying busy assigning routes to drivers, supervising the duties of the office staff, keeping track of the SRC and A-LIFT fleet needs while also taking complaints that get called in from time to time.

“I do a little bit of everything in transportation. But if there ever is something I can’t solve, then I go to Hank Braaksma (Director of SRC Transportation Services) and solicit help from the rest of my team,” Becky said.

She spends a good portion of her day communicating with the drivers on SRC’s newest technology, Samsung tablets, as well as talking to drivers on the 2-way radios. The tablets have made her job easier because she can send the drivers messages on them, consolidate routes when needed by adding rides or removing rides from different drivers and she can see on a map where they are in relation to their next pickup/drop-off because the tablets and software use a GPS system.

When Becky isn’t working, she spends a lot of time with her children and 23 grandchildren. She also is very engaged in her computer; chats on Facebook, discovering items on eBay and other computer-oriented tasks. Her beloved two little dogs always keep her entertained when she is at home with her husband.

“I’ve stayed working at SRC for the past 16 years because I really like being around the people I work with,” said Becky. “We have such a great group of people here at SRC. It makes my job that much more enjoyable. I love the mission of our agency and what we are doing to help seniors continue to live independently.”

Seniors’ Resource Center Transportation Services provide accessible and affordable door-through-door transportation to older adults and persons with mobility impairments in Adams, Clear Creek, Gilpin and Jefferson counties. Riders can travel with us to medical/dental appointments, grocery shopping, meal sites, community-based care programs and personal trips.

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