Tamra Palmer

Tamra Palmer, attorney at law, received her BS from Weber State University, her JD from Gonzaga, and LLM from the University of Denver. She is a founding partner in the Law Office of Palmer, Goertzel & Associates, P.C. With a Masters of Law in Tax, Tamra is a lawyer and professional fiduciary skilled in probate administration. Tamra regularly handles matters related to tax law, fiduciary law, and nonprofit administration, serves on numerous committees and attends legal education courses regularly.

As a fiduciary for over fourteen years, she has direct experience and perspective on the struggles of aging adults and persons with disabilities. Tamra enjoys her work in the area of protection of the elderly and at-risk adults and is pleased to join the SRC Board of Directors, saying “the programs and policies established by Seniors’ Resource Center are extensions of this work and allow me to be directly involved in supporting our elderly and persons with disabilities to be as independent as possible.”

Tamra and her husband Glen live in and are active in Arapahoe County and surrounding metro communities.