We are so grateful to report that our donors gave $44,750 on Colorado Gives Day this year! This easily surpasses our goal.

tom-jack-screen-shotThis means that more seniors in need will get assistance finding resources. More seniors who cannot manage on their own will get a ride to doctor appointments and help around the home. More older adults living with dementia will have a safe and engaging place to stay.

Here is just a taste of what these dollars mean:

$50 An older adult with limited sight gets a ride to the eye doctor
$100 5 low-income elderly households receive basic home cleaning and hygiene supplies that they cannot afford
$250 4 vulnerable seniors receive in-home assessments, including services, advocacy and resource referrals
$500 10 seniors living alone receive 2-hour home visits that provide care, cleaning and socialization
$1000 1 senior who cannot drive receive 6 – 7 weeks of transportation, 3 times/week, to and from life-saving dialysis

steve-volunteer-driverThis is particularly important right now, as the senior population grows. This growth will impact the entire community for many years. Wheat Ridge, where SRC is headquartered, has the highest proportion of seniors in Jefferson County. Jefferson County already has the state’s largest older population.

Our mission is working. Our donors’ connection to our work is a big part of that. During this holiday season, as well as throughout the year, our donors are making a big difference for the older adults in our community. From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you!

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