Everyone ages – if they are lucky – and with aging comes inevitable change.  We never know what lies in store.  Eventually each of us will need help and right now, many of our neighbors need help.  Our mission at Seniors’ Resource Center is to help people age at home with as much independence as possible. Our Volunteer Program was developed to help address that need.

Volunteering is one way to create the communities where we’d all like to live and Smiling senior woman greeting visitor at the front doorgrow old.  Volunteer programs like ours help connect people not just to needed services, but also to relationships and a sense of meaning.

Paying it forward this way yields benefits now, as well as in the future through the community we build. The value of volunteering is most obvious for those receiving help, but it has tremendous value to those providing the helping hand.  For those who help, volunteering means:

  • Developing new relationships and connections you wouldn’t otherwise have found
  • Feeling good for doing something kind and making a difference
  • Becoming invested in your neighborhood by doing something to make it better
  • Learning and growing through the people you meet

If you volunteer, you are in good company. Last year, SRC’s amazing volunteers gave over a million dollars worth of service hours to older adults in the metro area.   Despite the impressive size of this contribution, however, the need still far exceeds the supply of volunteers.

ramp builders

Looking for a way to get involved? There are plenty of ways to help, from giving rides to older adults who can no longer drive to building access ramps to just providing a friendly visit. Right now our biggest need is for volunteer drivers and you can find out more about other opportunities here.

Questions?  Contact us today! info@srcaging.org or 303.238.8151

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