Marie Smith

Marie Smith

By, Mackenzie Morris, Marketing Coordinator


Seniors’ Resource Center (SRC) is focused around giving back to the community and at 102 years old, Marie Smith, our client, shares these same values.

Marie has been a part of SRC since 2002 and receives visits from one of our In-Home Care nursing staff twice a week.  A few years ago, Marie fell and became unable to go downstairs where her laundry machine is located. Also, as she ages, lifting things has become very difficult.

“SRC comes and helps me with all my laundry and chores around the house and they’re so nice too!”

With five generations of family and SRC behind her, Marie gets a lot of help to keep her living independently in her home. Her granddaughter is a full-time carepartner and her son visits her daily. With SRC’s assistance, Marie can spend more quality time with her family carepartners doing what she loves most; gardening.

Before moving to Colorado in 1986, Marie spent her life on a farm in Nebraska with her husband and three children. They owned three greenhouses and Marie made flower arrangements for weddings, funerals and just about anything.

“My plants were so good, we did something special,” said Marie. “People would come to us from all over the state. I was always working in the greenhouses, I love to work and it’s frustrating not being able to anymore.”

Each summer Marie plants an abundant garden filled with a variety of vegetables. Throughout the summer, she donates her garden’s produce and takes it to a local food bank a few miles from her house.

“I have 21 rows of vegetables in my garden,” said Marie. “I have peppers, carrots, cabbage, beans, tomatoes, kale, broccoli and radishes… and I give it all away. I just like to help people and that’s how I help my community.”

As Marie turns 103 next year, she is still able to live independently in her home and spend time tending to her garden with the help of her family and friends. Just as Marie likes to help others and give back to the community through her gifted green thumb, Seniors’ Resource Center does the same by helping seniors maintain their dignity and quality of life through all of our services.

 Our programs and services help you enjoy growing old and remaining as independent as possible. Whether you are scheduling a ride, dropping off your loved one for the day or receiving a home-visit, there has to be a sense of comfort in knowing you are using a service that you can fully trust.




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