The holidays are a time when most of us are thinking about giving to the important people in our lives and even Broken ornamentreaching out in charity to our neighbors. Unfortunately, this also makes it a busy time for those who want to take advantage of others. Con artists and scammers know that many people are doing some of their biggest gift shopping and charity spending of the year and older adults are a favorite target.

AARP of Colorado recently published a consumer fraud report. Consumers in seven states were asked fraud-related questions about their holiday shopping, both in stores and online, and about their charitable donations. Interestingly, over 70% of those taking the survey didn’t pass.  Most people were unaware of at least a few crucial ways to avoid fraud. This means than many of us could fall prey, if we aren’t careful.

Check out AARP’s guidelines and take care of yourself this season. Did you know that it’s recommended to never give money over the phone or at the door?  Do you always investigate charities before you give?  The Jefferson County DA’s office has more resources here. There are simple, but important things we can do to protect ourselves.

Share this with the older adults in your life, in particular, who may be even less familiar with newer forms of fraud.  Don’t let the few people who lack heart ruin your holiday spirit.

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