Seniors’ Resource Center (SRC) has a team full of drivers who are passionate, caring and dedicated to helping seniors in our community. As we age, driving and getting in and out of vehicles becomes more and more difficult. With SRC’s door-to door services, our drivers work hard to make the transportation experience smooth, comfortable and as effortless as possible.

Cheryl Medina-Molden has been working for SRC Transportation for six years. She recently received the Employee of the Month award because of her outstanding efforts developing relationships with our clients and her dedication to the job.

“I absolutely love my job and working for SRC,” said Cheryl. “The reward and the passion I get from my job is trulyheartwarming. I embrace something in my job every day because I enjoy doing what I’m doing.”Cheryl Driver Story

Cheryl was born and raised in Denver and drove for Jefferson County School District for five years before coming to SRC. She has her Class 2 CDL license, along with previous CPR and First Aid Certifications. She is one of two woman drivers on the team and considers herself to be strong-willed.

“It takes a special kind of person to do the jobs we do here at SRC. Everybody finds their niche, and mine was transportation,” said Cheryl. Cheryl has one daughter, a granddaughter and enjoys camping and riding motorcycles with her husband. She also partakes in motorcycle riding benefits for families who have been affected by motorcycle accidents, as well as many different charity runs.

When Cheryl was asked her favorite part of her job, she stuck out her hand to show a big silver ring around her index finger. “This ring is an old ring of one of my regular riders from Adult Day, given to me by his wife. When the time came for him to be moved into a facility, I went and visited his wife to let her know she was not alone,” explained Cheryl. “You have so many small moments with these people, going from door to door, and all these small moments add up to make you feel like you have known them forever. This ring reminds me every day how special it is to be doing what we do. When I talked to his wife, we laughed, we cried and we had a connection that was humbling and very special to me.”

This connection Cheryl experienced truly reflects SRC’s Transportation Department and our driving team. SRC strives to assure that our clients feel comfortable, have trust in our drivers and are receiving the best service possible. As Cheryl put it, “No one can put you on the top shelf but yourself, but I know myself and every one of our drivers is on the absolute highest shelf.”

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