“I was so grateful for what they did for me that I figured that the only way I could pay it back was to volunteer.”

Nubia is a respite care volunteer for Seniors’ Resource Center (SRC). Joan is one of nearly 40 million Americans caring for an adult loved one. SRC connected Joan with Nubia and since then, they’ve made a huge difference in each other’s lives. Caregiving is really hard work and not having to go it alone is a blessing.

Nubia’s gratitude led her to be a volunteer. “Paying it back” has led only to more gratitude for the friendship she now shares with Joan. The people who volunteer and work for SRC are making our community a better place, one grateful relationship at a time.

We all want to age in place and we all want to give our loved ones the best quality of life. Connecting people who really care with those who in need is one of the ways SRC helps make this happen.

Gratitude is what happens when people are really reaching each other. It shows us that we are accomplishing our mission to help people age with dignity. Gratitude lights our path forward.

During this season of gratitude, we wanted to share this story of people who are making a difference in each other’s lives. We are truly thankful for the amazing people who make it possible for us to accomplish what we do.

We cannot offer enough thanks to everyone who makes this possible – our staff, our Board & leadership, our volunteers, our donors and the wonderful people who let us into their lives. We are honored to be of service and truly grateful for every single connection that brings a little more light into our lives.

(If you would like to support our work and help us reach more older adults, consider giving to SRC this Colorado Gives Day,. You can schedule your donation today for December 6 and help create a community where we can all age with dignity and independence.)


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