As we age, we come to realize what the really important things are. Our priorities shift. Sometimes this is because of the things we can’t control, like our health and other challenges that come with age. However, there is much more to living well into old age than managing our health. A good life is not made just of good health care and security, though those stand at the foundation.

Our priorities also shift because experience has shown us what really matters. The ADRS Holiday Party 2015relationships in our life make us whole and happy. We are so glad to be able to celebrate this season with our friends and community. Our day centers and home visits and volunteer hours and transportation are not just services, but a way to build community.

This time of year is a perfect time to remember what is important and connect to greater things. We at SRC are so grateful for all the people whom we get to know and help and for everyone who dedicates their time and resources to our work. That includes everyone who uses our services, because you make what we do worthwhile. Thank you to every smiling face and warm welcome. Thank you for letting us share your journey and be there to cheer for you. Thank you to all our supporters and all our clients for coming together to make a place where aging is a not a tragedy, but an adventure we all take together.

Adult Day smiles
Patricia H - SRC Rider
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Happy holidays from all of us at Seniors’ Resource Center. We truly wish you a peaceful holiday filled with love and a fabulous new year.

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