By: Leah Rybak, Marketing and Public Relations Coordinator

Sgt. Major Archie Robinson had a near death experience last year. A longtime Seniors’ Resource Center (SRC) Transportation customer, he had blacked out inside of his home and it took two days before a volunteer driver heard noises, called for help and Sgt. Major’s life took a strong turn for the better.

Sgt. Major Archie Robinson

Sgt. Major Archie Robinson

Since the incident Sgt. Major has graduated from using a wheelchair to a cane. He attends rehab twice each week and is able to get around safely. Doctors said he would be in a wheelchair for at least six months but after only three months, Sgt. Major regained mobility in his legs.

He prefers to go by Sgt. Major because he served in the Marines for 30 years. It was Oct. 9, 1946 when he enlisted, just four years after the Marine Corps began accepting African Americans to serve as Marines.

Sgt. Major’s recent achievement was the Congressional Gold Medal, the nation’s highest civilian honor. Even though he is 84 years old, he tells everybody he is much younger. By living independently, it makes him feel younger and free.

“It’s like flipping a light switch,” he said. “Everybody says I should be in assisted living because of my fall; but, I’m going to live the full life. I’m not going to give up my freedom.”

SRC’s Transportation Services are the crucial piece in Sgt. Major keeping his freedom. Even though he would like to do everything for himself, he accepts the rides and greatly appreciates them.

Seniors’ Resource Center Transportation Services provide accessible and affordable door-through-door transportation to older adults and persons with mobility impairments in Adams, Clear Creek, Gilpin and Jefferson counties. Riders can travel with us to medical/dental appointments, grocery shopping, meal sites, community-based care programs and personal trips.

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