John Zabawa has accomplished great things for seniors and caregivers in our community over the past 36 years. Though he is retiring as President & CEO or Seniors’ Resource Center (SRC), his work must go on. More and more seniors are hoping to age at home and, for many, SRC is the only option.

Jefferson County is home to the largest senior population in the state. On top of that, many seniors are under serious financial pressure, with rising costs in housing, increasing changes in health care and insurance, and reduced access to needed services.

Our cities and counties are struggling too. As John has said, “Our communities are unprepared to meet the escalating needs of this rapidly growing population.”

All of this sheds light on the importance of Seniors’ Resource Center– the organization that John has built and led since the early 1980s. It provides services to thousands of seniors and caregivers each year. More importantly, SRC provides them independence, hope and dignity.

“John committed 36 years of his life to serving and advocating for seniors in Colorado,” says Deborah Brackney, Chair of SRC’s Board of Directors. “John brought together so many people and partners to make SRC’s mission successful.”
With John’s retirement, the Board of Directors has taken an important step toward honoring his work and enhancing the stability of SRC and its mission.  The SRC Board has established the John Zabawa Legacy Fund Campaign through Community First Foundation. The Legacy Fund Campaign runs March 1 – June 1, 2017.

Gifts to this Legacy Fund Campaign will honor John, and will ensure that our growing senior population will continue to receive care from SRC.

The Legacy Fund Campaign helps ensure hope for the future for our growing senior population. Gifts to the John Zabawa Legacy Fund build on SRC’s existing endowment fund, and will:

  • Contribute to an ongoing source of income for SRC;
  • Enhance SRC’s long-term stability, financial credibility and viability; and
  • Relieve pressure on the annual fund, as interest income from the endowment fund can provide annual support for SRC’s operating

“John’s steadfast and focused leadership of Seniors’ Resource Center has helped thousands of older adults remain independent with dignity and quality of life,”  says Marla J. Williams, President and CEO, Community First Foundation.

“Gifts to the John Zabawa Legacy Campaign not only honor John and his good work,” adds Williams, “but also ensure that our growing senior population will continue to receive person-centered care and services for years to come.”

“Be assured that all of us at SRC will continue to fulfill our mission and the growing needs of our clients and their families,” said Brackney. “The organization is expanding services and establishing partnerships with community organizations to ensure that as a community, we can provide the solutions needed to make it possible for everyone to age with dignity.”

To honor John and provide long-term stability to SRC, you can donate directly to the John Zabawa Legacy Fund Campaign by including your contribution in the enclosed envelope with a written notation to John Zabawa’s Legacy Fund or you may donate online at:

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