We often feature our drivers, office staff and riders in our regular Transportation newsletter that goes to SRC Transportation riders. Here’s a highlight from the upcoming issue. (You can find the latest available issue on our Publications page.)

Meet Chris Brown

Driver Chris BrownMany riders have had the chance to meet with driver, Chris Brown. He is a true hero to Seniors’ Resource Center (SRC) and for many of the riders, but he was a hero even before SRC began in 1978. He served in the Marines for four years, and during that time he received the Purple Heart medal. During 1968 in the Vietnam War, he was wounded and although injured, he worked to make sure his troop was safe and ultimately saved many lives.

Chris has been able to connect with many riders about around shared military experiences, and about much more than just about military experiences. “I like picking up the riders and talking with them,” explains Chris. “I always ask them where they are from.” He’s originally from the San Juan Mountain range, and enjoys hearing that quite a few riders come from the same region.

Chris also enjoys chatting with riders and fellow drivers about sports, like baseball and basketball. In fact, in 1963 and 1964, his baseball team won the State Championship. He doesn’t play anymore, but he loves to watch sports, and goes to Rockies games when he can.

Although, Chris has many passions outside of being a driver at SRC, this organization is in his heart. Chris has been driving with this organization for almost seven years, and says, “This organization is a blessing.” As he takes off his Rockies cap, and rubs his head he says, “I’ve made a few mistakes in my life, but working at SRC isn’t one of them.”

We’re so grateful and honored that amazing, caring people like Chris Brown have dedicated themselves to the mission of SRC.

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