Lisa J. knew personally how important it is to provide rides for older adults.  Her mother lived in a small mid-west farming community and often found it a challenge getting rides to her chemo appointments when it was harvest season. Lisa resided in another state and wasn’t able to help. She decided when she retired she would make transporting older adults a priority. Lisa has truly met that commitment and averages 3 – 4 rides each week since she started in April. In addition, Lisa also gives her in-laws rides to places they need to go.

Inspired by meeting and giving back to older adults, Lisa finds it gives her a reason to go out each day. She already has a couple of regulars she helps each week and enjoys the time getting to know them better. Her trips in addition to medical appointments have included physical therapy, rides to recreation centers, and helping them get essential groceries for meals. Lisa says all the riders have been extremely appreciative.

Prior to retiring, Lisa had a long career in banking which probably accounts for her ability to organize so well.

When Lisa came to our October driver meeting, she brought her husband. He learned more about the commitment SRC has made in the area of transportation for older adults and the impact in our communities; he was very impressed.

Lisa often thinks of how others have taken the time to do something for her in the past and how much it meant to her. In addition, she also believes in paying it forward; thinking that soon, she might also need this service. Lisa shares with others that they can make a difference for others as well. She believes you can volunteer as little or as much as you like, and if you don’t like driving there are many other opportunities to volunteer at SRC.

Encountering situations when working with customers who weren’t always nice, Lisa shared she was very nervous before her first ride. That quickly went away when she met so many gracious and grateful clients.  Lisa is proud to be serving “The Greatest Generation.”

Thank you Lisa for your commitment to driving older adults and helping them have an independent and healthy life.

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