Nelda Bouvier, 82, has been using Seniors’ Resource Center’s (SRC) transportation services for a very long time. She uses SRC Transportation for just about everything she would have previously driven too.

“SRC has been a blessing for me,” said Nelda. “If it wasn’t for their transportation service, I wouldn’t be able to go grocery shopping, get to the doctor or attend my meetings. I don’t have any family that lives in the area so it wouNelda 1ld be hard for me to live at home.”

Nelda is very appreciative of our drivers and our team of dispatchers. She said that every single person she has dealt with at SRC is wonderful, especially Blanca Adkins, Intake Specialist, and Becky Ardoin, Transportation Operations Coordinator.

“They are so sweet, polite and very helpful,” said Nelda. “They are more than willing to talk to me and explain things to me.”

Nelda likes to go to Wal-Mart often. She calls it her home away from home and she loves it because they have everything you can possibly think of. Whenever she goes to Wal-Mart the drivers always load her groceries onto the bus, and when they safely arrive to her house, they carry every single bag inside for her. They also make sure that she gets on and off the bus safely since she has to use a walker.

Whenever she arrives home from a trip she is sure to be greeted by her 12-year old dog, Eleanor. Eleanor, a Chihuahua mix, always does a little dance for Nelda when she walks in the front door. “She is my best friend. We love to watch television and sleep together.” Our drivers also love seeing Eleanor when they bring Nelda inside because Eleanor is toothless and always has her tongue hanging out. It’s during these special moments that our drivers connect and truly feel the warmth of giving rides to the seniors in our communities.

“SRC transportation has helped me keep my quality of life more than just a little bit, it keeps my life together,” said Nelda. “It makes it so I don’t have to stress about something so small, like getting a simple ride to the places I need to be.”

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