By: Mackenizie Morris, Marketing and Public Policies Intern

Lorna and Larry

Lorna and Larry

lorna and larry 2 (2)Lorna and Larry Powell have been using Seniors’ Resource Center (SRC) Transportation since 2009. They have rides scheduled twice a week, and most of the time SRC is their only form of transportation. They use our service for rides to the grocery store, physical therapy and all of their doctors’ appointments.

Currently, Lorna and Larry live independently in their home in West Arvada. They are able to do this partially because of our  Transportation department, because when Larry had a stroke in 2009, a lot of things changed.

“I am just so thankful for them (SRC Transportation) because when this happened to Larry, I had been without a car for many years and just used the local bus to get around, while Larry owned a big, big truck,” said Lorna. “When he had his stroke, in January 2009, he was in and out of the hospital up until Easter, between rehab and doctor visits. I was able to drive the truck, but Larry couldn’t get in it. When my son came out from Connecticut to help me for awhile, the first thing he said was “this truck has got to go.”

Larry’s stroke was in his Cerebellum area, which controls balance. He had to relearn to walk, talk, eat and get dressed in the morning.

When I met Larry, you could have never guessed what he had been through. He was using a walker, but moving at a great pace and with strength.

Our drivers helped make Larry’s transition a little easier by providing a safe and dependable ride after they made the difficult decision to sell their truck.

SRC has also provided a sense of friendship. When asked about their relationships with the drivers, Lorna exclaimed, “Oh yes, they are great! Really great!”

As she was saying this, Jerry, the bus driver yelled from the front, “You know I am their favorite!” The whole bus laughed and everyone had a smile on their face as you could feel the comfort and ease of the SRC Transportation experience.

This is the kind of circumstances so many seniors face every single day. Medical problems arise, and everyday life seems to be the greatest challenge. This is why SRC continues to work to help seniors stay independent and overcoming challenges like Lorna and Larry have faced.

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