Why is there a week celebrated nationally for adult day services?  For the millions of
caregivers across the country who last year providedbillions of hours of unpaid care to loved ones with dementia, the value of adult day services are clear.  However, it is important to note that good adult day care really underpins the well-being of the entire community.  On the practical side, day centers are a great financial savings compared to other alternatives not just for individuals, but for all taxpayers.  On the personal side, most everyone wants to live with dignity as long as possible in their home and these programs make that possible.

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What are adult day services?  According the the National Adult Day Services Association:

Adult day services is a professional care setting in which older adults, adults living with dementia, or adults living with disabilities receive individualized therapeutic, social, and health services for some part of the day. 

Adult day centers provide support, social opportunities and the chance to engage the mind.  For those suffering from dementia, these programs become even more crucial, both for them and to their caregivers.  A recent study demonstrated what was well-known to many caregivers:  adult day services provide support that reduces the stress of caregiving.  This is good for both caregivers and those they support.  Caregiving has been shown to be associated with an increased risk of illness for the caregiver.  Plus, more and more of us are becoming care givers and this is only going to increase.


In a nutshell, why are these programs so crucial? Adult day services allow families to stay more connected, while reducing the burden and stress that can come with taking care of an aging loved one. 
It’s also important to know that the goal of every good adult day program to provide a more than just respite and a safe place to stay. Adult day programs provide the compassion, dignity and stimulation that all humans need.  The people who provide these services are following more than a profession.  It’s a calling to care for others. Beyond the formal definition and the facts of cost benefits, adult day services are about creating a loving, joyful place where we would all like to live.


So, what is an adult day center when you look beyond the formal definition?bjhjhj
  • A source of companionship and support for caregivers and their loved ones
  • A place to continue growing and learning, no matter your age and abilities
  • A group of people who truly respect and value older adults
  • A fun and lively place that encourages laughter, music and joy
  • A resource for the whole community
There is so much to celebrate this week.  Want to see it in action?  Come check us out. We love what we do and we’re proud to create a place in our community that values and supports older adults.

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