Canyon Courier: SRC bracing for increase in need for senior services

SRC ImagesThe increasing need for senior services is once again in the local news. Seniors’ Resource Center (SRC) is front and center, as it faces the growing demand for its services.

“With the nation’s senior population expected to double within the next 15 years, the pinch to keep pace will be felt nowhere more keenly than at the Seniors’ Resource Center.”

SRC’s Evergreen location and President John Zabawa were recently featured in an article in the Canyon Courier. SRC Evergreen, known as The Yellow House, is one of four SRC locations that provide a range of senior services in much of the greater metro area. The organization is also a leader in advocating for the resources necessary to keep pace with growth.


SRC’s mission to provide the services and support that keep older adults living at home. Aging in place has many benefits that extend beyond the individual. It preserves a person’s quality of life and attachment to their community. Remaining at home also means a great cost savings to individuals, families and the communities that support them.

“SRC is unique, and the model we’ve developed providing comprehensive and coordinated services is not easily replicated,” Zabawa says. “We’re fortunate to have an amazing staff that provides loving care to our seniors every day.”

Jefferson County, where SRC is headquartered, hosts one of the fastest growing senior populations in the state. Funding is always a challenge and it is becoming increasing so, as the senior population explodes. SRC is facing growing challenges in finding funding and juggling the many requirements that come with multiple and diverse sources of support. While the impact and demand for SRC’s services are clear, much will need to be done to make sure services like these will continue to be available to all who need them in the metro area.

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