Programs Supporting Seniors in Colorado Must Grow

The AARP recently highlighted the growing need for programs that support older Coloradans, using Seniors’ Resource Center as a perfect example of the type of programs that are crucial to the growing aging population.  Legislation helps ensure that these programs exist and continue to grow to the levels needed.  According to research cited by AARP, “the state’s 65-plus population is expected to roughly double from about 685,000 now to more than 1.2 million by 2030”.

Key legislation is in front of Colorado lawmakers this session.  Seniors’ Resource Center is in strong support of efforts to increase funding for the Older Americans Act, as well as efforts to create a study group that will help Coloradans chart our path as our aging population grows.  Every day, we see the need for increased services and the tremendous positive impact they have in maintaining the dignity of older adults and supporting families caring for aging loved ones.

To see the feature story on SRC and read more about AARP Colorado’s advocacy, read more here.