Transit Driver Shortage Across Metro Area

We were excited to train a new driver recently at Seniors’ Resource Center – Mark Koebrich of 9News Senior Source!  Mark decided to see what it is like to drive. He said that “if he could do it, anyone could”. Both volunteer and paid transit drivers are in demand and apparently, it isn’t as hard as it might look.

Transit driver shortages across the metro area are becoming a big problem, particularly for services like SRC Transportation that serve people who have no other way to get around. People who cannot drive themselves are particularly vulnerable when public transportation is not available. In some cases, even if a store is within walking distance for a younger person, an older person cannot get there without transit.

We were honored to get the chance to share the joys of driving with Mark and 9News viewers and can’t express enough gratitude for the support in getting the word out. If you are interested in driving for SRC, please contact us. Volunteer drivers can serve any amount of time and paid driving positions are available both part-time and full-time. For more information, see our jobs and volunteer pages or contact us at

Check out the video below and here is a link to the written story online.