Communities are only as great as their citizens.  Obviously, factors like economics and resources are crucial, but what really makes a place great are the people. How individual people conduct their lives impacts everyone’s quality of life, and older adults give back in special ways.

This is why we were so honored to be a part of Senior Heroes this month. The event honored eight citizens and one legislator for doing the work to make Jefferson County the fantastic place it is.CaryJohnson_JesseDanielson

Representative Jessie Danielson was honored this year as the Elected Official of the Year for all her work in support of seniors, “Do you know why Jefferson County has so many seniors?” she said in her acceptance speech. “It’s because it is an amazing place to live and people stay here.” Jefferson County benefits from the many contributions of our large senior population.

Going way above and beyond

The event honored older adults who go above and beyond to give back to their communities.  One of the most striking things about all the nominees was that each and every one had been doing their good work for many, many years and had no intention of stopping.

The nominees this year are giving back in a range of ways. From bicycle recycling to school tutoring to sewing for needy babies, the Senior Heroes are putting in hundreds of hours of service to our community.  You can see details about the winners and their accomplishments in the program.


Older adults give back and blaze a trail

We were all inspired to hear about the accomplishments of the Senior Heroes. As humble people, apparently a side effect of being so selfless, each honoree was introduced by the person who nominated them. The nominators expressed tremendous gratitude that was echoed by the crowd. These older adults give back and are obviously inspiring others to follow in their footsteps.

During Older Americans Month, it is crucial to recognize that older adults are an active asset to our communities. Older adults are often uniquely able to give back and, most importantly, so many of them do without motivation to be recognized. By recognizing the contributions of older adults, we do not just honor them, but also shine a light on a path for the rest of us to follow.

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