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DRCOG Action Alert - Older Americans Act

Dear Friend of Colorado’s Older Adults:

There’s still time! Please ask Reps. Ken Buck and Doug Lamborn to demonstrate their support of Colorado’s older adults!

Reps. Buck and Lamborn have not yet signed on to a proposed Statement for the Record related to the recently reauthorized Older Americans Act. All other members of Colorado’s congressional delegation have signed the statement.

Colorado currently receives less Older Americans Act funding than is fair, because the formula is frozen at 2006 levels. Colorado has one of the nation’s fastest-growing populations of older adults. Each year, Colorado’s community organizations must provide essential services to more older adults with fewer resources per senior.


The statement recognizes the critical social and nutrition services provided through the Older Americans Act, but asks that future reauthorizations fairly fund services to Colorado’s older adults.


An excerpt from the statement:
“We believe that moving forward, it is imperative that steps are taken in future reauthorizations to safeguard services for all seniors regardless of their state of residence.”


Please contact Reps. Buck and Lamborn today and urge them to immediately endorse this statement.


Rep. Ken Buck
Email staff member:


Rep. Doug Lamborn
Email staff member:


Thank you for your ongoing support of Colorado’s older adults.


Jennifer Schaufele
Executive Director


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