By: Asa Fix, Marketing and Public Relations Intern

“I’m very lucky to have SRC Transportation and my family in my life. I don’t know how I’d survive if this wasn’t the case,” said Reed Eckroth, longtime passenger of Seniors’ Resource Center.

Reed Eckroth

Reed Eckroth

Reed is a former mail carrier; so, he knows the importance of delivering good customer service regardless of the weather. He gets picked up every Tuesday and Thursday to go to the Senior Center in Thornton where he enjoys lunch and socializes with other seniors.

“I don’t drive anymore because my eyes are too bad,” said Reed. “It’s great to have a service like this for the elderly. All of the drivers are great.”

Reed is 81-years old and lives at home alone. When he was younger, he used to have a lot of hobbies. Lately, however, he has not been able to enjoy them as much. So, his trips are more limited as he goes to his senior luncheons, doctor’s appointments, the grocery store and the barber shop.

“My son lives a mile away from me so he is able to take me out once a week for any shopping I may need to do,” Reed said.

Besides Reed’s son, he has two grandchildren and one great grandchild. He loves spending time with his family. He also enjoys watching the local professional sports teams, especially the Denver Broncos. He has always been a fan through all of the team’s good and bad times.

SRC’s Transportation services allow Reed to continue to have a social life and pass on his knowledge and stories to others. He loves sharing experiences about his past adventures with anyone who is interested. And, as for SRC? “They treat everyone with respect and so do the office ladies.”

Seniors’ Resource Center Transportation Services provide accessible and affordable door-through-door transportation to older adults and persons with mobility impairments in Adams, Clear Creek, Gilpin and Jefferson counties. Riders can travel with us to medical/dental appointments, grocery shopping, meal sites, community-based care programs and personal trips.

Reed Eckroth

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