Revocable Gifts

The future is uncertain. There are ways to establish an estate gift today, while also retaining complete control over these assets for the balance of your life. Such gifts are called revocable gifts.

Unless you are confident that you will not outlive your assets, a revocable estate gift is almost always the best option. Most planned gifts made by Crystal Club members are revocable gifts, and are generally one of the following:

  • Bequest in a Will or Living Trust
  • Beneficiary Designation in IRA or Retirement Plan
  • Beneficiary Designation in Life Insurance Policy

By naming Seniors’ Resource Center in your will, living trust, or as a beneficiary, you can protect yourself against an uncertain future. Should you need these assets, they are available. If not, you gift will come to Seniors’ Resource Center as you desire.

For more information, please contact Mary Ellen Carlow at or 303.235.6903.

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