Seniors’ Resource Center (SRC) has effectively served older adults across
the Denver Metro Area for 40 years. SRC’s Southwest Littleton office is no exception with a welcoming and devoted staff, plus services that older adults cannot get enough of.

Bianca Tellez, Site Supervisor, has been working at SRC Southwest for four years. “I was a stay-at-home mom for 10 years. When I came in for an interview, I said family is my priority. The staff were awesome and understanding, and I have been here ever since.”

She describes her office as “the satellite office providing all of SRC’s resources, like Chores or In-Home Care, computer classes, LEAP, outreach at different churches and fairs, unemployment application assistance, transportation services, a volunteer transportation program, game days, and an array of groups hosted on site.” She laughs kindly saying “There is a lot more we do that I am not listing now.”

For instance, older adults take advantage of one on one computer classes where they get help with anything from updating Facebook to combating spam. SRC Southwest also held a six-week caregiver support group that, “no one wanted to end.” There is even free Wi-Fi which many people drop by and use.

All of this is available to anyone in the community. Bianca explains that many coming in are in their early 60’s and are surprised to find that SRC is so able to meet their needs. Even those who are 55 have received help filling out Medicaid applications. Denise Stradiotto, Transportation Operations Coordinator, adds, in Adam’s County people under 60, with a disability, can use SRC’s expansive transportation services.

SRC Southwest is not just providing services, but also fostering bonds between volunteers, older adults, community partners, and employees themselves. Bianca explains, “I just love talking with seniors in the community and hearing their stories. When we are able to help them, I just love it.”

She recalls, “One gentlemen we helped for two years with his laptop. One day, he was so overwhelmed with a need for new grab bars and a repair costing $600. We referred him to volunteer services, and next day they were there to help.”

Bianca also talks about George L. who had been coming to the SRC Southwest office every Tuesday and Thursday ever since she has been working there. He had just passed away recently at 95 years old, and Bianca admits, “it has been hard.” Building real relationships is at the heart of what SRC staff does.

The Southwest office has come to the point where they are “growing out of the location.” Weekly Wednesday card games have gone from five to six older adults to fifteen to sixteen; Stepping On classes were so full that not everyone who wants can partake. 

These are just two examples of the high demands in our community to serve older adults and the effectiveness of SRC’s mission.


*Article by Hannah Mitchek

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