Seniors’ Resource Center is proud to have amazing, dedicated staff.  Retiree Chuck Bettis, a driver in our transportation department, is but one good example.

Chuck has been a member of SRC’s compassionate and dedicated team of drivers for almost five years.  After 40 years in corporate America, he moved happily from a career as a high-tech industry executive to a high-touch service job that he finds truly fulfilling.  “The corporate world has a reputation for taking.  So when i retired, I Chuck Bettiswanted to do the opposite, to give back to society,” Bettis said.  “I’m rewarded every day by appreciative riders and wonderful people I meet who simply put a smile on your face.”

Like his fellow SRC drivers, Bettis thrives on the opportunity to make sure SRC riders enjoy productive, friendly and safe trips.  “Transportation is my job, but people are my priority,” Bettis said.  “I love going to the door for them, helping them in and out of the vehible, making sure they get safely inside when they get home.  It’s just so rewarding.”

In fact, Bettis has always been a bit driven to help people live with independence and dignity. As an executive in California and later in Colorado, he was a volunteer board member for Goodwill Industries and remains a passionate advocate of job training and placement for disabled Americans.

When he’s not behind the wheel on behalf of SRC clients, Bettis and his “lovely Scottish wife” enjoy cruising America’s byways in a used travel trailer.  One trip included a 15,000-mile trek through the Southeast United States.  Another road trip to the D.C. and Boston areas is on Bettis’ radar screen.  “I think driving is in my blood,” he laughs.  Clearly, that includes going the extra mile for his riders.


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