SRC Wellness 2020

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We encourage you to join the SRC Wellness program. Sign the pledge below as your commitment to personal wellness. In doing so, you agree to participate to the best of your ability. You will also be eligible for prizes for each session. Together, we can make personal wellness a priority in 2020.

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Jan – Feb, 2020:
Physical Wellness

Set daily and weekly goals, no matter your fitness level.

Mar – Apr, 2020:
Financial Wellness

Take tangible steps to strengthen your financial situation.

May – Jun, 2020:
Mental Wellness

Learn and implement strategies to improve your personal wellbeing.

Jul – Aug, 2020:
Nutrition Wellness

Take small steps that add up to improve your overall nutrition profile.

Sep – Oct, 2010:
Self Wellness

Find balance through mindfulness, meditation, down-time or other activities.

Nov – Dec, 2020:
Caregiver Wellness

Learn caregiving techniques and ways to avoid burnout.


Take the pledge and you’ll be
entered to win prizes for each
segment of our program.

Jan – Feb Prize is a
Fitbit Inspire

Fitbit Inspire

I pledge to actively participate in my personal wellness journey. I will attempt to make the necessary lifestyle options to enhance my quality of life. I will focus on what I can do to make this happen. I pledge to be the sole individual that is responsible for taking control of my health, wealth and happiness.

SRC Wellness 2020

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