35th instagram

By: Ally Hayduk

       When starting an internship it can be expected to have days that consist of tedious busy work, hours spent at the copy machine and long days of learning the “rules & regulations” while making numerous coffee runs. However, with the start to my internship at Seniors’ Resource Center falling on the week of the HUGE 35th Anniversary event, I was thrown into the trenches instantly. There was no time to waste time making donut and coffee runs.  I was immediately given numerous tasks such as creating handouts and editing event programs, all the while settling into a new office atmosphere.
       The event was of course a complete success, regardless of the near scorching temperatures and an individual’s misplaced gluten free meal. Guest Speaker Dr. Steven Zarit, a well-known professor and pioneer in the field of gerontology at Penn State, gave a speech on the increasing need for elder care in communities today informing our guests in attendance about the extreme importance of what Seniors’ Resource Center has to offer the community. Distinguished guests from the Jefferson County community and Denver area were in attendance for the event in celebration of 35 remarkable years for SRC and I couldn’t have asked for a more productive and successful first week on the job.
       Knowing that the remainder of my internship could be even half as exciting as the first week makes me thrilled to know that I will be an actual necessity at this organization. At the end of it all I am sure that my head and resume will be busting at the seams with work experience in the world of marketing, advertising, public relations and social media.

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