SRC Adult Day Center

Adult day care can be a blessing, but it isn’t an easy decision to make. We all want the best for our loved ones and most people want to age at home and with family. It can be especially hard for those living with dementia and other health issues to get used to a new place. Making a transition is a big decision. Adult day care can make caring for an aging loved one at home feasible and it improves the quality of life for both caregiver and participant.

Is it time to find a place where your loved one can be safe and engaged while you attend to your responsibilities? Here is some food for thought if you are struggling with this decision.

Are you increasingly worried about the health and safety of a loved one who:

  • Requires assistance with personal care such as dressing, bathing or eating?
  • Is becoming increasingly dependent on your time and energy?
  • Has memory loss or Alzheimer’s disease?
  • Is alone a lot and does not socialize much?
  • Cannot take prescribed medications without supervision?
  • Isn’t eating well unless you plan or prepare meals?

Are you as a caregiver:

  • Neglecting your own health?
  • Feeling overwhelmed?
  • Cutting back on your own personal interests?
  • Needing some relief?

If you answered “yes” to some of these questions, it is probably time to investigate adult day care. When you do, remember to ask all the questions your have. Get all the information you need to feel comfortable making a decision. As a caregiver, you know your loved one best. Tour the facility. Meet the actual people who will care for your loved one and see what the experience will be like.

We are here to help. Our staff has tremendous experience and we love to share it and to share our facility. Our adult day program gives your loved one the care and support they need, so you get the support and respite that you need. Come see what it’s all about and let us help you figure out the next best steps for you and your loved one.

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