We need drivers! Actually, it’s your older neighbor, your old friend’s aunt across town or the friendly older man you saw at the grocery store who needs the ride. So many older adults need a little support to get where they need to go. Volunteer with us as a driver and make that happen.

Our volunteer drivers do so much more than provide a ride. They build friendships. The rewards go both ways, for the drivers and the riders. But don’t just listen to us. Hear from one the daughter of one of our riders:

My Mom lost her driver’s license at the age of 92. To suddenly lose your freedom and independence, one of life’s greatest gifts, is a crushing blow. As my daughter said, “Grandma is now a prisoner in her own home.”

volunteer driver SteveOne day a miracle occurred when my Mom and I received a phone call and then made a visit to Seniors’ Resource Center. They introduced us to an amazing volunteer driver named Steve. He is an angel in disguise. Steve makes sure she has her rides each week. Recently, Mom’s doctor prescribed a weekly exercise class for her. Steve stepped up and said he would support Mom and take her to the prescribed class.

Steve is reliable and generous with his time. By providing transportation for my Mom’s medical appointments (rain, snow or sun), he has made a huge difference in her life. They have very pleasant conversations and have developed a very special friendship. My Mom never takes Steve for granted and we are very happy that this also is a positive and rewarding experience for Steve. It’s people like Steve, who not only provide support through volunteering, but also hope and inspiration to people like my Mother.

Your driving skills are needed right now, even for just an hour or two once in a while. If you’d like to volunteer or know someone who might be interested, please contact Pat Pierson at 303.332.3840/ppierson@srcaging.org or Bianca at 303.979.6173.

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