As many of you know, SRC offers different vehicle options for riders. This helps us be efficient and best meet the needs of each rider. When you ride with us, the type of vehicle you take may depend on any physical challenges you have and where you need to travel. We offer single rides, but try to group rides whenever possible.

2015 SRC Fleet at 3227 Chase St. in Wheat Ridge

2015 SRC Fleet at 3227 Chase St. in Wheat Ridge

Get to know our vehicles:

  • Toyota Prius sedan: This is our smallest and most fuel efficient vehicle. Because this vehicle is fuel efficient, it is often utilized on longer trips. This vehicle is also used if there is only one or, at most, three passengers. Getting into some of our bigger vehicles involves a few steps (which can be hard for some), so our Prius sedans also provide a great option for those who have difficulty with steps. The Prius do not handle wheelchairs and often can have a volunteer driver.
  • MV 1: This is our mid-size vehicle that is like a small van. It is low to the ground, and has a ramp that slides out for wheelchair accessibility for our riders. It can hold a wheelchair rider and two ambulatory riders.
  • Bus: There are two bus models here at SRC. One has the SRC logo on it, and one has the A-Lift Logo. These buses are great when our drivers take multiple people at the same time to their destinations. They are also great for those people who can’t always bend their knees, hips, or neck to get in our Prius or MV-1. The busses also have wheelchair lifts.

SRC has a total of 12 Prius cars, 4 MV small vans, and 14 busses. With more than two dozen paid drivers, and many volunteers, we are able to serve over 300 people a day, providing up to 700 trips each day. This, however, still does not meet the number of requests that come in, so if you know someone with a love for seniors who would like to work or volunteer for us, please let us know!  (You can reach us at or 303.238.8151.)

We would love to help you get where you need to go. With our multiple vehicle options, trained drivers and volunteers, we usually have something that will work for everyone.

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