“During National Family Caregivers Month, we rededicate ourselves to making sure Marie S
our selfless caregivers have the support they need to maintain their own well-being and that of those they love.”

President Barack Obama, NFC Month Proclamation 2015

November is National Family Caregivers Month (#NFCMonth) and we at Seniors’ Resource Center want to take a minute to acknowledge all of the wonderful caregivers we have the honor of working side by side with each day. Being a caregiver is often a thankless job, but we want you to know how much you are appreciated! Your loved one isn’t always able to express their gratitude, but please know, your hard work and dedication does not go unnoticed.

This month, we would like you to take time for yourself. We challenge you to make time to do something that you enjoy that is just for you! Here are some tips on reducing caregiver stress:

  • Acknowledge that you can’t and don’t have to do it all.
  • Let it go.  There simply are things you cannot control, and that is ok.
  • Ask for help.  Enlist friends, family and even professionals to help.
  • Spoil yourself.  Do something you love for an hour.

Please also join us November 19th for some tips for managing the holidays as a caregiver.  This can be a stressful time, but also a time to connect with what is important.  Just like airplane emergency instructions direct, you have to put on your own air bag before assisting other.


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